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Kubota Mini Excavators Launched in K.S.A.

National Trading Company Ltd  (NTC), distributors in Saudi Arabia of Kubota construction equipment, has announced the launch of the world-renowned Kubota   U-30-5 and U-50-5 mini excavators.

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Since the early 1990s when Kubota took the lead by launching its world class mini excavator, which integrated both the zero boom-swing and zero tail-swing features, it has been the dominant force in the mini-excavator market worldwide.

Kubota’s zero boom-swing allow the mini excavator to operate without having to move while the zero tail-swing always keeps the tail of the mini excavator within track-width when swiveling. These features enable operation in tight and confined spaces.

“The integration of these two crucial features, plus its dominant position globally in the field of compact industrial diesel engines below 100HP, has made Kubota’s successes in the mini-excavator market unparalleled,” says

Eng. Hakeem Balubaid (NTC) Senior Vice President Construction equipment division. “By the end of 2008, Kubota had sold more than 340,000 mini excavators and since then it has enjoyed the No.1 market share worldwide. In particular, the U-30-5 and U-50-5 have taken the world by storm and we expect no different in Saudi Arabia market.”

Setting the Standard

In its more than 36 years’ involvement in the mini-excavator industry Kubota has continuously set the standard with technological innovations that rocked the industry. The integration of the zero boom and tail swing was one such innovation. Others, which also helped create the future of compact construction machinery, included the pioneering, advanced features of Auto Idle, an LCD panel with self-diagnosis function and Kubota’s revolutionary “three-pump” hydraulic system.

The U-30-5 and U-50-5’s Auto Idle system helps save up to 10% fuel. When the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine idles automatically. Move any control lever and the engine immediately engages. This innovative feature reduces noise, exhaust emissions and running costs. The digital LCD panel and the Kubota Intelligent Control System (KICS) help reduce downtime and save on repair and technician costs by providing accurate and timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. The service technicians are easily notified of the operational history of the machine through the Auto Save function which automatically displays error history. This shortens inspection and repair time, which also helps reduce cost.

The “three pump” hydraulic system uses three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation. The system’s high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps enable high performance shoveling and loading.

There are also several other unique features which differentiate the Kubota mini excavator from its competitors. These include:

  • Smooth Operation – superb matching performance of every front attachment enables smooth and efficient overall operation
  • Straight Travel – the excavator travels straight even with front attachment operating.
  • Four Simultaneous Operations – Bucket, boom, arm and swing can be operated simultaneously and smoothly.
  • Jacking Capability – even when idling, the excavator can be jacked up with the bucket or blade.
  • Boom Lowering Prevention – Kubota’s unique anti-drop valve prevents accidental lowering of boom.
  • H-shaped Track Roller- H-shaped roller increases lateral stability and enhances operator comfort during travel.
  • Backup Power Supply – 12V “cigarette lighter” jack provides backup power.
  • World-class performance with high output, low fuel consumption and low emission with the Kubota E-TVCS engine.

Kubota has always taken operator safety and comfort very seriously and over the years it has accumulated all the necessary knowledge and expertise in these two vital areas, which are applied to all its latest models including, of course, the U-30-5 and U-50-5 mini excavators.

“Kubota understanding that a safe and comfortable operator is not only an important ethical issue but is also vital to productivity has made a palpable difference to the performance of its mini excavators. The design of the operator environment on the U-30-5 and      U-50-5 is unsurpassed,” says Bloom.

Some of the important features of this environment include:

  • Wide and Comfortable Space – the cabin is spacious and offers excellent visibility minimizing operator stress and fatigue.
  • Deluxe High-back Seat – for greater comfort and productivity
    Swivel Motor with Disc Break – swivel lock pin not required during transportation as swivel is locked automatically when engine switches off.
  • Engine Neutral Start – Engine can be started only when safety lever is in the ‘locked’ position. When in this locked position, the machine cannot move thus preventing accidents
  • Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota Mini Excavator

Fully compliant ROPS and FOPS cabin.

Balubaid says that the success of the Kubota mini excavators word-wide speaks for itself. “The main issue for us is that this success will be achieved here in Saudi Arabia too. We have no doubt that this will be the case and we are fully aware that our service must, and will, match the outstanding quality of the machines,” says Balubaid.

In this regard NTC as an enviable reputation. Its countrywide footprint of dealers and service facilities ensures that its customers get the best possible service 24/7. “We understand that in this market uptime is the primary concern of our customers. We have invested time and money in ensuring that our team understands that service excellence is the foundation on which our company stands and our track record throughout the organization speaks for itself,” says Balubaid.

He adds that Kubota mini excavators are used the world over in a variety of construction applications including road-building, municipal works, pipe-laying, landscaping, water conservation projects and more. “Our Kubota mini excavators’ characteristics of being tough, reliable, efficient and easy to operate and service, enable them to work in the toughest conditions and take on any challenge,” Balubaid concluded.